Smooth - 2008-11-25 18:28:06

So if you saw yesterday's post, this was the result of all the hard work! Again, should have gone for more DOF, but the light was low and I was too lazy to fetch the tripod. You reap what you sow I guess. Compositionally I think it works better and it also makes a better b&w image. I kind of like the challenge of taking a ridiculously dull subject and trying to make it interesting. Would be interested to know what you think. Anyway, if anyone ever mentions paint stripping, just say no!

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Rough - 2008-11-24 19:45:18

I took this when I was testing out my new 580exii that had just dropped through the door. It's the bannister on our stairs that my wife was in the process of stripping the paint from (I finished off, never again!). It's not a great picture, I wasn't thinking too hard at the time, but in retrospect I liked the texture and instantly thought B&W. While it's ok I wish I'd used a smaller aperture, most of the texture is out of focus and lost. I've also had to crop in pretty tightly here. Anyway that's that and I'm only really posting it to contrast with tomorrow's which I prefer. Wait and see....!

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The Fiddler

The Fiddler - 2008-11-21 20:08:15

This was taken in June 2008 on a weekend trip to Prague. If you've never been to Prague it's well worth a visit. You won't be alone though. I don't think I've ever see so many cameras in one place! Makes me wonder who else took this shot that day.

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Cakes! - 2008-11-20 15:40:40

I made these cakes with Ruby and grabbed a snapshot before they disappeared! Good enough to eat?

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Amelia - 2008-11-19 21:21:01

Like picture of Ruby the day before yesterday, this was another of my first attempts with the Lastolite Ezybox hotshoe. Other daughter this time, Amelia, 18 months. The lighting is a single 580exii on a stand to camera right. The background is just a light coloured wall. Most of the processing was in Lightroom, with a trip to Photoshop to clone out some crumbs (breakfast time), and a contrast boost to the eyes. I'd be interested to know what you think, it's hard to be objective when the models are in the family!

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Busking - 2008-11-18 20:11:39

This was taken on a recent trip to Brighton, around the end of September. It came at the end of a great day catching up with friends we don't see enough of these days. The beach and boardwalk were packed, though you wouldn't know from the photo. One of the last good days of the summer. Processed in Lightroom, just a crop plus a boost to the contrast and saturation.

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Ruby - 2008-11-17 21:18:36

I bought a Lastolite Ezybox hotshoe the other day. It's a small softbox (38x38cm) for use with a hotshoe flash. I mounted it on a light stand and fired off a few test shots. This one I quite liked, it's of my daughter Ruby, aged 3 1/2. As it was right after breakfast I've had to clone out some of the mess! Otherwise post-processing is some masked levels and curves with a little sharpening on the eyes and a bit of blur on the skin.

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Web - 2008-11-02 21:58:13

One of those mornings when the air smells great and life feels good. Not much to say, it's a spider's web laden with dew. I like the abstract quality but it's nothing ground-breaking. Pretty much straight from the camera.

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Rose - 2008-10-05 22:38:52

No EXIF for this one. It was *shock* taken on film, about 3 years ago. I'd bought some extension tubes and this was an early macro attempt for a City&Guilds course I was following at the time. This is a great example of what I miss about film, great colours straight out of the camera, someone else doing the processing!

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To The Sea #1

To The Sea #1 - 2008-10-04 15:24:31

This was taken during the summer of 2008. It was pretty lousy in the UK but here's proof that we did get some good days. This is near Weymouth in Dorset, UK. We were alone on this small beach, rare in this country! Apart from a boost in contrast and a crop I haven't done much to this image, the colours really were that good.

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